Anime-Themed Azuki NFT Sells for $1.4 Million

One of the most valuable assets in the anime-themed collection has recently been sold for 420.7 Ethereum (approximately $1.4 million). In the case at hand, Azuki #9605, a NFT considered the second most rare of the collection due to six of the nine traits being found in fewer than 1% of all other NFTs in the collection.

‘jdizzles’, an OpenSea user, made the purchase from RedBean DAO member and notorious NFT holder, ‘trevault,’ on March 30th. This sale marked the second record-breaking transaction by the buyer, following their purchase last month of Invisible Friends #1125 for 200 ETH, an amount previously unseen inside the collection.

In addition, the sale surpassed the previous record for Azuki NFT sales, which was $560,000. 

As evident by its generation of over $500 million in OpenSea sales, the project’s founders, Los Angeles startup Chiru Labs, released their 10,000 assets back in January. But in just two months of operation, the project has quickly become the most sought-after anime-themed project in the space. The founders of the project themselves have described its popularity as a result of its provision of access to a corner of the Internet where art, community, and culture meet to form a magical place.

Azuki #9605 has continued to draw interest following its high profile sale, as a bid of just over 60 ETH (242% above the collection’s floor price of 17.65 ETH) has been made. However, in the long run, economics would suggest that a significantly higher bid will be required to oust jdizzles’ possession of the asset. 

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