Atari Combine NFTs with Loot Boxes in New ‘GFT’ Collection

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Atari has used NFTs to create an occasion important to all, the release date of a product. The video game pioneer has collaborated with GFT developer and NFT ecosystem pioneer, Republic Realm to allow the players to own pieces of limited edition pieces of product as a part of their NFT collection dubbed the ‘Republic Fantasy Treasures’ or ‘GFTs’ if you will. One might receive a rare and expensive NFT and jump for joy because they hunt out G

Atari has conceived a new collection of cuttable NFTs dubbed GFT to commemorate its 75th anniversary, for sale from the 1st of February at the GFT Shoppe. The 10 GFTs can either be unwrapped as Common, Rare, or Epic upon purchase–a valuable chance to do for Atari what CryptoKitties did for cats.

In a new ‘GFT’ collection, Atari combines NFTs with loot boxes for a suspenseful digital asset. They can be either kept by the purchaser or gifted to a friend.

Today, Atari announced an exciting new GFT collection that expands the utility of the token beyond its mere launch. The GFTs featured in this collection come complete with rewards that will ensure VIP players stay engaged for years to come.

Atari have merged NFTs with Loot Boxes to create a new product line. Inspired by Atari’s 50th anniversary, the GFT Celebrates the company’s historic legacy while ushering in a new era of modern gaming.

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