BAYC Make Headlines Again with Mutant Apes NFT Frenzy

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BAYC NFTs continue to be a hot topic, they will continue to dominate the headlines. This weekend, the release Mutant Bored Apes was all the rage. It is named after the founder of the company. Mutant Apes, these are mutations of originals. All Ape holders were given three serums to use for their Ape injections to create a mutated version. The serum can affect the rarity of mutated Apes.

In the two days since the launch, a number of interesting events have taken place. Mutant Apes, the project brought in more than $96 Million in an Hour after the release. There was also an open sale. They were purchased for 3 ETH (approx. $9,600) and quickly rose to the current 7.42ETH ($23,000.

Although many people were lucky with this sale, The owner of MutantApe 5275 was extremely regrettableThe bid was for 17 USDC, not 17 ETH. This led to a heated debate among the NFTTwitter community discussing whether or not the company should include warning and confirmation signs when accepting a lower bid than the floor price.

Stephen Curry, three-time NBA champion, also joined the cool children club this weekend. purchasing an Ape For $180,000 His Ape is dressed in a tweed suit and has zombie eyes. Both are rare traits. Only 3% of apes have zombie eyes, and only 1% wear tweed suits.

Overall, it was another exciting weekend for Bored Ape members. BAYC is, at the time of writing, dominating the second spot in trading volume rankings on OpenSea (CryptoPunks being the first, and 0N1 Force coming in third).

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