Benji Bananas uses ApeCoin for their ‘Benji Pass’ sale in order to transition to P2E

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An Animoca Brands product called Benji Bananas will be converted into a play-to-earn platform as a way to celebrate the launch of ApeCoin. With over fifty million downloads already, players will be able to swing Benji and his monkey friends from vine to vine. In addition, they will be able to earn tokens that can be used to purchase ApeCoins.

The transition of Benji Bananas into a P2E-based model begins with the sale of ‘First Edition Benji Bananas Membership Passes’, which serve as NFTs that allow their owners to become token holders. A total of 5,000 Benji Passes were available for sale on March 17th, each priced at 25 ApeCoins.

In order to purchase a Benji Pass, one must possess a MetaMask wallet with sufficient ApeCoins in order to pay for the desired number of Benji Passes, as well as enough ETH to cover the gas fees.

While a Benji Pass purchase will give holders the opportunity to earn tokens in Benji Bananas (which can be exchanged for ApeCoin), the feature will not be implemented until Q2 and furthermore, the actual token has not yet been released.

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