Blockstars – The World’s Biggest Music Management Simulation Game

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Ever wanted to write, record, and release the next smash hit single or album in a way that is social, immersive, and engaging? You can in Blockstars. Actual asset ownership awaits, with blockchain technology on top of an exciting simulation game.

Blockstars is the world’s largest music management simulation game residing on the blockchain. With this platform, you can assemble musicians in your band of NFT Blockstar nomads who produce chart-topping singles. The game also lets players use their music skills to gain money through payments at performance venues, busking, and gigging.

With each band member procedurally generated, their talents, personalities, and appearances will be different from the others. They all start with some attributes specific to their music genre or are hidden until you see how they work together on stage.

The Blockstars game, an extensive music management simulation, allows users to track their careers from novice musicians to celebrities. With hidden attributes that can help or hinder your career goals, users have the chance to keep one-of-a-kind musicians, all with unique personalities based on a world-renowned personality index. The best aspects come from the in-game bonuses and notifications that let you know when your band is going through a rough patch.

The mint for Blockstars music management simulation game starts at 8:00 PM on February the fifth. The Foundation Collection consists of 10,000 energetic and colourful musicians, all of which feature dynamic traits.

NFT version of Blockstars will introduce more than 9000 musicians. 9,850 musicians of the Foundation Series of NFTs will be “mintable” to encourage early cryptopreneurs to join Blockstars.

Own a custom music management simulator and buy your very own Blockstar today! All owners of Blockstars will receive an asset pack with two items; an optimized image that comes in the popular profile picture format and can span across different social media platforms.

Blockstars, a 3D avatar model for Blockstars musicians, is a vast and ambitious music management simulation game to combine VR, AR, and the blockchain. Their advanced renders and animation will allow you to show off your musician avatar across the metaverse. All owners can also reap the rewards from their exclusive owners-only channel in their Discord server.

Following the upcoming private and public sale of the Foundation Collection and the successful Blockchain Airdrop at the end of 2021, 2022 strikes a significant cord for the game’s ambitious lift-off.

In the eventual Blockstars release, there will be a gameplay loop completed. The Charts and Record Label Community Alpha is also close to completion. Ever wanted to customize your own merchandise? It’s going to be possible come the end of the year.

Blockstars is a worldwide music management simulation that incorporates governance token, $ROCK, and a day to day P2E currency for activities such as concert ticket transactions and busker donations. Throughout the developments, Blockstars’ team of veteran game developers plan to incorporate the in-game token, $ROLL.

Blockstars is centred on building emerging technology. The team centred around Zynga are hard at work to create the world’s biggest music management simulation game based on blockchain!

Post-Zynga, the team of developers, has created and sold a successful mobile free-to-play gaming company and launched a rodeo app.

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