Cake Monster Launches Eternal Cake Lottery for NFT Holders

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Interested in cute memes, adorable and fluffy NFTs, and delicious community rewards? Welcome to Cake Monster – a project focusing on building a novel, flexible and leveraging NFT reward system that is fun, engaging and full of surprises.

Cake Monster’s Diamond Claw NFT (DCNFT) continues to unveil new developments. Just in time to make your New Year’s resolutions count, the Eternal Cake Lottery has begun to give NFT holders the chance to win an eternal cake. There are only 3,000 tickets left available in this lottery that can be purchased with DCOT or purchased for $500 USD in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Neo, Bitcoin SV, LSK and Litecoin on S

DCNFT holders can now test their luck for eternal cake with an added feature called the Cake Lottery. For Cakes, players receive $MONSTA rewards, and the higher the level of DCNFT you own, the less time you have to wait.

Cake Monster has created a forever cake lottery for holders of deposit tokenized cakes. Those who do not have the funds to buy a real, physical cake will instead get a virtual one that will be equally fruitful.

Once you have a Non-Fungible Token, Cake Monster has launched a lottery to allow other Non-Fungible Token owners to get an original digital version of your token. In order to participate, you need not’ own this token nor be involved in the dynamic data model project.

In a recent move, Cake Monster announced the launch of their Eternal Cake Lottery for the holders of non-fungible tokens. This lottery is based upon tickets which, once minted, grant the bearer access to lottery draws forever.

The listing for the Eternal Cake Lottery of Cake Monster’s Diamond Claw NFT of $MONSTA has officially launched. To enter, active holders need to fill out this form with their DCNFT or purchase an item on their verified listing on tofuNFT.

A NFT from Cake Monster offers a millennial-friendly drawing which will offer a lifetime of cake to the winner. A new draw will be held once someone is awarded, with a collection of 30% of CAKE token’s total supply for this draw.

Cake Monster is launching a lottery for its token holders. There is a 1% chance to win the prize, and with infinite replenishment of prizes, $CAKE will never run out.

Cake Monster is launching the second-ever eternal cake lottery for all NFT holders. Philanthropical community members have the ability to increase the pot through DCNFT level 5 owners missing their dividends, which’ll then be redirected to the Eternal Cake Lottery Pool Address. The latest batch of biennially scaled down 50 Eth cakes are also for sale. Proceeds from both efforts will be directed to Mass Awareness Projects for Veganism Advocacy.

Featuring the Eternal Cake Lottery, Cake Monster is also an Ethereum-based project. With smart contracts embedded in its Blockchain, the company aims to provide its backers with pieces of damn good cake.

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