Shogunate NFT – The Samurai Spirit

Website Twitter Discord Presentation of the art/ idea/ team: Team: 0xArt, 7 experts in their fields, NFT collectors, active on the market for years. Founder members of...

Sons of gods

Sons of Gods made in Solana 3D Art community made of true warriors. BECOME A SON OF GODS

Introducing MyRelic NFT Creative MetaSpace

After the NFT boom of 2017, the internet is full of countless NFT collections from a wide range of celebrities, creators, musicians, athletes, and...

Monopoly Money NFT

Monopoly Money is the first NFT to pay passive income directly to holders though a 1% daily ROI smart contract called $DRIP.
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Cereal Club NFT is Planning to Disrupt the NFT Ecosystem: Here’s How

The problem with the current market Our current market is gripped by FOMO, and teams making decisions with limited understandings of the complexities of crypto!...

The Azuki Drama Drags Cool Cats NFT Into Hyped Up Rug Rumors

Wow. All the activity surrounding the Azuki project this morning has also affected the Cool Cats NFT project. If you have not heard, the...

Founder of Popular NFT Azuki Admits to past rug pulls

In a blog post titled "A builder's Journey", the popular founder of NFT project "Azuki" has admitted that he is also behind the NFT...