Cereal Club NFT is Planning to Disrupt the NFT Ecosystem: Here’s How

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The problem with the current market

Our current market is gripped by FOMO, and teams making decisions with limited understandings of the complexities of crypto! About 46% of consumers who would buy an NFT would do so if the better understood how they worked, and an added 24% would buy an NFT if it was easy to do so! 

Current NFT education is not very user-friendly and is extremely limited. NFT calendars are low quality and NFT ratings are subjective and not quantitative. Once again, Cereal Club may have the solution for you!

How Cereal Club will help

Cereal Club is planning to create a community that provides education, value and awareness, while still playing an active role in both physical and digital experiences.

Cereal Club’s portal will be cohesive across both physical and digital experiences, these include: Physical: Merchandise, in person events, Cereal Club product line and more!

Digital: Cereal Club NFT’s, a connected discord community, Snapchat AR experiences, digital chats and more!

The problem with current Projects

New web3 projects are popping up every day! It’s hard to keep track of everything that’s going on, all the new projects, how the current market is looking, and many more! Cereal Club might have the solution for you!

Why use Cereal.com

In addition to the aforementioned Portal, Cereal Club is also creating a dashboard that’s easy to navigate, it supplies insight all the above! With a convenient widget system that can be turned off and on, and even rearranged! This allows for you to start off your day exactly how you like, with news, market prices, gas fees being only the minority of widgets planned for this innovative dashboard! 

Not to mention the planned notification system, to notify users of relevant news, alerts for followed collections or holds in their wallet! In addition, users will receive notifications for received rewards and any actions that must be taken!

Planned Widgets:

  • News Widget:

Shows relevant web3 news from articles and publications

  • NFT Market Widget:

Shows overall market NFT sales volume over time

  • NFT Top Collection Widget:

Shows the 24-hour growth change in the leading NFT projects

  • Gas widget:

Let’s users know what current gas prices are

  • New Mint Widget:

Lists projects with the highest volume that minted in the last 7 days

  • Cereal Club Widget:

Floor price, Volume and Unique holders’ data points for the Cereal Club NFT Collection. Found here

  • NFT Calendar Widget:

Shows upcoming mints and their respective costs and dates.  

  • Allow List Widget:

Let’s users enter for raffles to allow lists that Cereal

Club captures

What else does Cereal Club offer?

Cereal Club also wishes to deliver an interactive store front that includes an inventory from which anyone can buy! Additionally, there will be a restricted access zone in which the inventory is only purchasable by holders! Furthermore, there is a possibility to take an extra step and allow users to unlock unique merch based on the NFT’s they own, for example, if you own a Cereal Club basketball, you can buy a Cereal Club jersey!

Project Development Phases

Phase -1/0

  • Idea Generation
  • Competitive Moat Assessment
  • Initial vetting

Phase 0

  • Team Formation
  • Initial hypothesis testing
  • Tooling Development
  • Art Development

Phase 0/0.1 

  • Launch independent NFT community
  • Deliver value to initial user base
  • Experiment with content
  • Launch Fashion

Phase 0.1/1

  • AR Experience
  • Web3 Portal
  • Cereal Launch
  • Expansion of NFT’s
  • Partnerships with Influencers  

Phase 1/Infinity 

  • Scale to 100,000 Users
  • Begin compounding moats
  • Leverage tools/services into other CC products

Celebrity Partners and Advisors include:


  • Aaron Donald, super bowl champion
  • Bella Thorne 


  • John Imah, Executive of Gaming and Partnerships at Snapchat
  • Cassius Marsh, NFL Athlete and first investor in Cameo


Cereal Club has some truly ground-breaking and innovative ideas, which all put the customer in the centre and is very considerate for the Longterm future where all customers can access the miracles of Web3! We are overly excited about everything Cereal Club will bring to the table!  

To learn more about the Project:





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