Emirates is the next airline to enter the NFT scene

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Emirates has become the latest airline to “fly” into the world of non-stop flights, following some of its counterparts. There will be tokens released soon, which have not yet been confirmed in full. Their NFTs are expected to have collectibility and utility characteristics.

Information about NFTs, and other airlines with NFTs

For Emirates’ NFTs, there is not much info out there. There is no doubt that the business looks to the future and is excited about the space.

“We are excited about the prospects in the digital space of the future. Sheikh Ahmed, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Emirates Airline and Group, said, “We are committing significant resources and financial resources to develop technologies that will deliver revenue, brand experience, and business efficiencies”.

Accordingly, the airline’s first project is currently in progress and will be released within the coming months.

It is clear that NFTs can be very beneficial for airlines. In exchange, they can provide customers with unique experiences, airline tickets, and more. The first airline to enter this sector was airBaltic, a Latvian airline. It issued limited NFTs in November 2021. They included a unique Airbus A220-300 as well as a piece of art from the city, Kuldīga.

Information about Emirates Airlines

Founded in 1985, Emirates is the largest airline in the United Arab Emirates and is based in Dubai. Casey Neistat explored one of the company’s top first-class flights, known for its luxurious experience onboard, which has resulted in some tickets selling for over $20,000.

Before COVID, the company operated over 3,600 flights per week from its hub at Dubai’s airport. It flies to more than 150 cities in 80 countries across 6 continents with its fleet of nearly 300 aircraft.

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