Etherscan for Beginners: What It Is And How to Use It

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A new NFT scan tool called Etherscan is the first of its kind. Once had access to the Ethereum blockchain, this new scanning tool gives you all the tools to comprehensively look up trading history, search by category, and validate what you see with public addresses.

What Is Etherscan?

Etherscan is a block explorer and analyzer platform for the Ethereum blockchain. This search engine will help users find, verify, and interact with transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. is an Ethereum block explorer, allowing users to monitor transactions on the Ethereum network in real-time. is an independent, free platform developed by people who wanted to make Ethereum more accessible. It’s not funded or managed by the Ethereum Foundation. “Our mission is to facilitate Blockchain transparency,” the team notes, “by indexing and making searchable all transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain in the most transparent and accessible way possible.”

Etherscan is not a wallet, and it is merely an informational source. On Etherscan, you can check the owner of an Ethereum address, see your account balance in IOTA, read what happened to Ethereum prices today, and calculate mining rewards in terms of ETH.

What is Etherscan used for?

Etherscan has become one of the most popular Ethereum users due to its range of use cases. Primarily, it allows users to view assets and transactions on any Ethereum wallet address, such as that of a prominent token holder.

Recently, GameStop dumped IMX tokens worth around $42 million (Etherscan). It was Etherscan data that brought the incident to light. Similarly, tracking NFT projects’ transactions can help you detect any potential rug pulls or NFT scams.

Understanding smart contracts are essential to ascertain a project’s popularity, ownership rights, security audits, and much more. Along with this, Etherscan is a great platform to discover and read NFT intelligent contracts. You can also find the number of smart contracts a single wallet has authorized. This is useful if an anonymous developer, who rug pulled, creates a new project.

The gas tracker can locate current gas prices and network activity with Etherscan. One extremely useful feature of Etherscan is that it can generate a graph that displays how buyers and sellers interact with one another and the corresponding volume of orders throughout the day.

How To Use Etherscan: A Beginners Guide

After reading this blog, you should know the fundamentals of Etherscan and how to use it. First and foremost, you do not need to create an account on the platform unless you want to earn commission from reporting security issues or disclosures.

In this deep dive, we will explore using Etherscan for beginners. With an easily navigated interface, powerful features, and a “Blog Blog” function so you can learn from popular blockchain publications all from your search engine of choice (Web, Windows and Mac), it’s no surprise that many cryptocurrency users include it as a staple of their arsenal.

How To Find Gas Prices Using Their Ethereum Network Gas Tracker

Gas tracker allows you to track real-time gas prices. Due to high network traffic, transaction fees vary, so users are urged to check the real-time gas price. The transaction fee should then be calculated accordingly.

Finding the gas price in Etherscan is a simple process! Clicking on the ‘Ethereum Gas Price’ on the home page will take you to the Ethereum Gas Tracker, or you can go to ‘More’ and under ‘Gas Price’ choose the desired price along with when you want to lookup.

Etherscan is the perfect resource for beginners looking to make their first bitcoin or Ethereum transactions. It lets you know how much each transaction will cost and estimates/details the transaction time, providing services like identification and verification to ensure that you’re purchasing what you intended. Etherscan also includes gas and historical pricing data; this tool is great for planning your transactions to save on fees.

Tracking Transactions on Etherscan

Etherscan is the best way to find the transactions and wallets for speculators, browser users, or other options. You can check trade histories to see which NFTs are getting popular or view where funds were sent when a rug pull leaves you short Ether.

For example, say you want information on a particular transaction. Here are the steps to do that:

Step One: Find the transaction ID (TXID) or a transaction hash (TxHash), distinctive, progressive alphabet characters and numbers that identify transactions on Ethereum Blockchain.

Step Two: paste the transaction ID into the Etherscan search bar and click “Search”

Etherscan is a search engine for Ethereum addresses, transactions, and blocks. Etherscan allows users to navigate the data of their coin wallets quickly. You can track transactions by status (successful or pending), date, and block information. Powered by AI, you can easily access material that interests you through Etherscan’s filters and personalized recommendations database.

In step three, you can view more details such as gas limit, tx type, fee, and more.

How to Look Up Wallets, Transaction History and Track Whales

Tracking a particular transaction is just as easy. Type the transaction address into the search bar and click the specific request. You will be able to see detailed information at the bottom of your pages, such as method, block, from and to wallet addresses, ETH value and transaction fee. Click on an individual transaction for even more information

How To Read and Interact With Smart Contracts Out on Etherscan

You can start collecting NFTs with or without buying them. You can either buy an NFT from the Metamask registry or get one (or an in-game item) and use Greenfingers and GreenBytes to generate a token registry in Etherscan. A green finger token is like a stuffed animal tracked in Gryphon Dash, and GreenBytes token tracks any items in Sandcastle Builder.

With Etherscan, you can search for the game contract to fight or apply for citizenship. Start by searching for the game contract’s address on the NFT project’s website. If you don’t know the address, switch to OpenSea and find what token you want to purchase. Under ‘Details,’ find ‘Contract Address,’ then click on it. This will automatically redirect you to that smart contract page on Etherscan.

How to read a smart contract

Using Etherscan, you have the following information available to you:

  • General information: Balance of coins held by the contract, wallet address of the creator, token, and more. If you are signed in to Etherscan, you can use ‘My Name Tag’ to add your own private notes to this ID.
  • Tracker: All Information about the token, including minimum price, maximum supply, and their official website, among others.
  • Transactions: All the transactions pertaining to the smart contract.
  • Contract: This is where you will find all the details about the specific smart contract. While the ‘Code’ tab features the contract’s source code, ‘Read Contract’ provides the general contract information.

Plus, if you are the owner of the smart-contract, you can interact with the contract under ‘Write contract’. Though, for that you will have to connect your wallet to verify this.

What Etherscan is and how to use it

Much like how a website provides you insights into a particular company’s financial information, a smart contract on Etherscan tells you the specific terms for which it was meant to govern. The ‘Read Contract’ tab displays the available information, while the ‘Code’ tab features the contract’s source code.

You will need to connect your wallet in order to interact with the contract, which you can do under ‘write contract.’ However, Etherscan can also audit your contracts for several hundred dollars.

How to use Etherscan’s contract record feature

Etherscan is an excellent tool for monitoring the state of Ethereum. With its application programming interfaces (API) services, developers can sign up to use free APIs to create decentralized applications (dApps). It also has an NFT tracker that lets people track all the NFT transactions on Ethereum.

Etherscan is the go-to site if you need to track Ethereum tokens. It supports both ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens, giving users access to statistics about the following tokens: Bitcoin, Ethereum Basic Attention Token, Civic, Nem, Augur, OmiseGO. If Etherscan has verified your project’s source code, it will be posted in the Verified Contracts category. There is also an overview of recent Ethereum characteristics in the Charts & Stats section.

In brief, Etherscan is a blockchain explorer that contains various exciting features. For instance, Etherscan allows users to explore smart contracts and track tokens.

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