Founder of Popular NFT Azuki Admits to past rug pulls

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In a blog post titled “A builder’s Journey”, the popular founder of NFT project “Azuki” has admitted that he is also behind the NFT projects “CryptoPhunks”, Tendies and CryptoZunks. CryptoPhunks were simply a mirrored version of the early CryptoPunks project. In his telling he decided to “decentralize the [CryptoPunks] project by handing over the reins to our community” Many if not most, others consider CryptoPhunks to be a rug pull abandonded by its founder is betral of the community. The same is true for the other projects that Zegabond admitted he ran.

This news came as shock to many NFT lovers of the Azuk project, pricey NFTs which regularly trade for 20-30 ETH ($45,000-$70,000) can be seen trading on Opensea can be seen trading for as low as 15 ETH with open offers of <1 ETH for these NFTs. Azuki is not without its own controversies, recently facing accusations of insider trading in its revent project titled “Azuki Beanz”.

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