Gamestop Marketplace launches Beta

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For most people, the past 14 months have been a strange time, but Gamestop, the infamous pawnbroker of video games, has been hit particularly hard. With the help of a popular subreddit, wallstreetbets, the company has almost completed its reinvention as an NFT marketplace.

The first version of Gamestop’s new NFT drive, which was first hinted at in May, has arrived in beta form. A brand new non-fungible token platform has been unveiled to fans of the beleaguered company.

The new marketplace will focus on providing NFTs to the gaming community, which will use Loopring’s highly efficient and cost-effective layer two solution. Due to this, one of the most user-friendly experiences in the world will be provided by using the latest Zero Knowledge Rollup technology.

Users may now get their bearings with the new UI, connecting wallets, and establishing profiles, while waiting for the next major milestone in Gamestop’s NFT venture, the issuance of actual tokens. A show-stopping event set to compete against the market’s top players. Gamestop’s NFT community looks forward with eager anticipation to the next step in its evolution.

Take a look at Gamestop NFT beta >> Here

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