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Gari Panda’s Project

GARI Panda is an Exclusive Collection of 9,999 unique Panda NFTs on SOLANA Bringing unique digital & real world utilities to holders.

Here is the list of benefits a GARI Panda Holder gets:

1. Chingari Metaverse Access – Lifetime FREE access to the Chingari Metaverse, a platform for virtual gigs by celebrities and influencers, VR experiences are being built on the Chingari app

2. Exclusive access to Chingari Ads Club – In the future advertisers will need to own a panda NFT to run ads in the Chingari app. The earlier you HODL a Panda NFT, more valuable your NFT will be in future

3. Rewards – Access to GARI funded P2E games for Panda NFT holders. Tokens of these PE games will be awarded to GARI Panda holders for playing games

4. Chingari Panda Club – Exclusive ‘invite-only’ parties with celebrities who collaborate with Chingari. Starting with Chingari STAR Party.

5. Panda Merch Store Revenue Share – 10% of all online & offline sales from the Panda apparel brand will be distributed to the NFT holders

6. Partnership NFTs – GARI will launch Partnership NFTs with music & video streaming platforms. GARI PANDA NFT holders will have access to the premium features

7. GARI Street Artist of the Month event – Each month, GARI Panda Holders will vote for Street artists, the people with great talent (music, dancing, etc.) but generally lack recognition

8. Exclusive interaction with Creators – The GARI Panda NFTs give access to premium content and paid live streams including VIP access to Chinagri sponsored live events. That’s not all, holders can buy special merchandise of their favorite creators

9. Recognition to NFT holders on Chingari App – GARI NFT owners will have distinguishable features on Chingari app. Additional discounts on various in-app purchases via Gari token to Panda holders

10. GARI Club – An exclusive Panda NFT Community, PANDA CLUB that will be a truly Global community. This exclusive club will have access to:

  • Concerts where top global artists will burn the dance floor
  • VVIP entries in the partner clubs
  • Annual meet and greet

11. Ownership of independent movie production house on Chingari Multiplex

12. GARI PANDA NFT holders may invest in short movies production, the World’s first ever decentralized production house on Chingari Multiplex
Revenues will be shared with the owners who have contributed in the production

13. Newsletter minted as NFTs – NFT-themed monthly newsletters with all the latest NFT news, insights, major auction sales, and market developments. These newsletters will be minted as NFTs and proceedings from the sale will be distributed to the Panda holders

14. Exclusive meets with Bollywood A-listers – The NFT holders will get once in a lifetime chance to meet with their Bollywood icons. Special AMA sessions with their most loved stars also await holders

15. NFT Staking – Panda NFTs would be used as reward boosters for Gari staking. In future, holders will also be able to stake their NFTs to earn GARI tokens

16. Creator NFTs – GARI will launch Creator NFTs for GARI PANDA holders where a part of revenues will be shared with the creators for the next 1 year

Blockchain: Solana

Marketplace: SOLRAZR

Drop Date: 31 March 2022

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