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After the NFT boom of 2017, the internet is full of countless NFT collections from a wide range of celebrities, creators, musicians, athletes, and others. It began as a movement for artists, designers, and digital artists, and has now turned into a platform for all major industries.

As a result, artists were no longer able to have exclusive art spaces. The few existing platforms charge high gas fees and do not provide any means of generating income other than the sale of artwork.

Through its various initiatives, the Silk Road Collection solves these problems and facilitates interaction between audiences and artists. Let us examine these initiatives.

How does The Silk Road Collection differ from other collections?

A holistic experience is provided by the Silk Road Collection, which is divided into three major components. It is possible for them to mint and sell their NFTs, to purchase native NFTs for passive income, and to interact with people who wish to learn more about their work. Described below is how it works.

Passive Income NFT Collection

There are three major types of NFTs in the NFT collection. They serve as tiers of passive income rewards. Each tier corresponds to a different level of reward. Here are the details of the NFTs:

Curator | Gold Tier:

This is a top-tier NFT. This tier includes 400 NFTs, each of which costs $600.

Archivist | Silver Tier:

This is the middle-tier NFT. This tier contains 800 NFTs, each of which costs $400.

Conservator | Bronze Tier:

This is the lower tier NFT. In this tier, there are 1200 NFTs, each costing $200.

On March 11, 2022, the NFT collection was launched. There will be giveaways of NFTs from all three tiers that NFT holders may take advantage of. Please visit for more information and to purchase NFTs before they sell out.

Creative Studio for Artists

In the future, technology such as AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) will be used to enhance the NFT collection experience. In the creative studio, artists will be able to mint and sell their artworks. Artwork can be either digital or physical, and the platform can facilitate the delivery of the physical pieces.

Social Platform by MyRelic

MyRelic is the third module of The Silk Road Collection. It is a platform that enables the public to interact with artists who have enlisted their NFTs in the creative studio. In this way, a community of artists can be formed. Additionally, budding and independent artists can utilize the platform to build connections and gain access to the NFT community.

The Silk Road Collection offers a number of benefits

As discussed earlier, the Silk Road Collection addresses several of the key issues in the existing space. These include:

● Offers artists a noise-free space exclusively meant for their artwork.

● Enables artists to ship their physical artworks along with NFTs.

● Designs NFTs that can help artists earn a passive income.

● Provides a platform to interact with artists and people, thus building a close-knit community that can foster innovation.



● Publish Litepaper

● Launch NFT: Phase 1

● Strategize and Execute Marketing Campaign

● Create a Community Engagement Program

● Develop Plans for Partnership Outreach

● Legal Registration

● RELIC Token Development


● Onboard Artists: Phase 1

● Launch a Beta Version: Personal Profiles

● Team Expansion

● Market Development

● DAO Development

● Relic Token Release


● Launch NFT: Phase 2

● Onboard Artists: Phase 2

● Launch NFT Marketplace

● Social Platform Release

● Token Integration

● Metaverse Development

● DAO Beta Release


● Influencer Affiliation

● Contract Migration

● Marketing Campaign

● Metaverse Beta

● VR/AR Development

● DAO Release

Roadmap updated each quarter

Concluding remarks

The Silk Road Collection is a comprehensive platform for artists that enhances their experience and connects them with their peers and audiences. In addition, it provides them with multiple revenue streams through the platform.

The Silk Road NFT Collection was launched on Friday, March 11, 2022. You can go to and get your hands on them immediately.

Get started with MyRelic:

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