Japanese Street Wear Label Tease with Mysterious BAPE NFT Collection

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BAPETAVERSE, the brand’s closed community project, is set to launch their ‘The King of Apes’ NFT collection. The release of the collection in undisclosed in detail or date, but diehard customers will be the ones debuting the collection.

Japanese streetwear label Tease has released the first information about the release of their new BAPE NFT collection. The company explained there will be 10,000 unique pieces in all with a chimp-inspired design. What’s more, after an inspection of the teaser image released on Instagram, it’s possible to confirm that the tee characters are largely rendered with digital art.

Tease has released a new mysterious BAPE NTF collection, and has hinted at it through cryptic promotional campaigns. One campaign reads: ‘All beings of the Metaverse, come greet The King of Apes, whose new face shall be unveiled soon.’

With big names like Adidas and Nike getting into the mix, many luxury fashion brands like Givenchy and Gucci decided to join in on the NFT venture. So how will organizations like BAPE stand out in this high demand category?

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