Mobile Gaming Giant Zynga to Release its First NFT Game Later This Year

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Mobile gaming giant, Zynga, has announced that its first NFT and blockchain games will arrive later in the year. The Farmville developer’s move is the beginning of a trend – as more and more significant players such as Ubisoft and Activision Blizzard say they will launch games for this new kind of digital collectible category by 2022.

Zynga, the creator of many mobile games, will release their first NFT game later this year! Despite disdain received by some for mobile titles, Zynga trust that the future of gaming lies in new, blockchain-based NFTs. They have chosen to use brand-new games with an entirely extraneous blockchain-based mechanic with an optional crypto element.

Zynga made waves in 2018 with the appointment of a specialized crypto division. They are now taking these steps to the next level with the realignment process for its crypto division, with Wolfe supported by a strong team of crypto-focused professionals. This expansion plans to almost double the division in 2022 to 100 members.

On an additional note, fellow crypto industry heavyweight, Take-Two, has launched a takeover bid for the plucky gaming platform. As such, it has tabled a massive 12.7 billion dollar offer to acquire the company.

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