NFT and Crypto Payments in Amazon’s Future

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Amazon, the omni-present god of retail, has set tongues a-wagging and rumours a-flying with its latest announcement, indicating recently that it may accept NFTs and cryptocurrency payments on its platform.

Former Amazon CEO Andy Jassy told CNBC during a recent interview that cryptocurrencies and NFTs will be huge going forward. However, he added that the tech would not be active on its retail platform for some time.

A series of Web3-related job openings offers further evidence as to its relation to the blockchain, specifically aimed at individuals with experience working in the blockchain industry, as well as comprehensive knowledge of distributed ledger technology. If you read between the lines, it seems Amazon is keen to get a piece of the Web3 action, but for now, it will keep its plans under wraps.

Even though it is one of the largest online retail hubs in the digital world, Amazon lags behind some of its competitors. Stripe and Shopify both provide crypto-based services through their respective platforms. It has been questioned, however, whether failed KYC transactions have repercussions.

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