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Novatar NFT Project

Novatar is a limited collection of 25k NFT avatars which can age from a baby to an adult.
-All the 25K Novatars are newborn babies.
-All of them are unique, with different facial features and expressions celebrating diversity of race, color and sexual orientation (LGBTQ+).
-The mechanics on the blockchain work in a way that you can choose whether to age your avatar or leave it as a baby.
-Novatars have a variety of basic, as well as, appearing genes. The collection of genes differs depending on the age of the NFT.
-Novatars can be used as profile pic NFTs on social media.

Usability: Use your Novatar as an NFT profile pic on Twitter and other social media (when available), find your Meta Identity. This is a unique collection of 25k avatars which can age on the blockchain.

Rarity: Novatars is not a regular avatars collection: it’s a technologically advanced futuristic project with a limited collection of that will grow up on the blockchain and transform into adults. Novatars present the real life persona resembling diversity of human race, gender and sexual orientation.

Blockchain: Ethereum

Marketplace: Own Website

Drop Date: April 04, 2022 – April 11 2022

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