SAND Staking on Polygon Blockchain

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How Sand Stake will work on Polygon

With the recent Airdrop, all SAND tokens are now available to stake on Polygon. The Sandbox team has removed staking fees by partnering with Biconomy. Users can stake their Special-purpose Asset Network (mSAND) to generate real-world rewards, usage access to apps and other services, and more.

Polygon Blockchain offers 500,000 mSAND rewards dependent on the activity of wallets to welcome you to the platform.*

Rewarding users with an approach that ensures distribution relative to the value locked on the platform over one week.

Staking contract address:

How to bridge SAND and Polygon

with your wallet

Select the amount you want to bridge to Polygon

  • Confirm the transaction
  • Now you have to wait for about 10–20 minutes before your mSAND arrives on Polygon

How to stake mSAND

  • Once approved, you will see the option to Deposit. You can click it to access the deposit panel.
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit, click the button and sign the transaction. Again, if gasless is enabled, the transaction will go through Biconomy. (*)

(*) Under the gasless toggle, you will see your remaining gasless transactions for the month.

  • You’re Done! Your mSAND is staked. You can now enjoy mSAND rewards. Remember that claiming can only happen once every 7 days!

First, Approve the stake. This will open a transaction for you to sign. If gasless is enabled, this transaction will go through Biconomy, our trust forwarder.

How to claim your earnings

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