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Senshi NFT Project

Senshi NFT is a collection of 5,555 unique 3D NFTs bearing distinct properties. That’s a testament to the team’s cumulative experience in the industry and individual commitment to excellence. The Senshi team comprises youthful creators and visionaries eager to disrupt how the industry works. As a result, they have adopted a robust and unique strategy that could help the project achieve rapid growth. That includes collaborating with amazing artists and other established projects such as SoulZ and C01.

The team’s efforts seem to be working already if the attention the project has garnered among early users is any indication. So far, thousands of NFT and Web 3.0 enthusiasts have joined Senshi’s social media platforms, and they are full of nothing but praise for the project’s art. Senshi reached 10,000 followers on Twitter within one week of launching on the platform. The project has experienced similar success on Discord, where it has built a great, active community within a short period. The community is enthusiastic about Senshi’s vision and seems eager for the minting phase of the project.

The development team has invested in continuous learning and improvement to make Senshi a truly unique project. The founders admit to working hard, familiarizing themselves with the industry, and figuring out how communities work. They also own a successful NFT marketing agency that has helped launch several projects. That has helped the team develop a big plan and a long-term roadmap with maximum benefits for all project holders. They say, “We aim to have some of the best utility out there with real-life uses, and not just a useless picture on the blockchain.”

For now, the development team is working hard to ensure Senshi’s official launch goes smoothly. That will allow the project’s early investors to enjoy lots of benefits. Until then, the community members can increase their chances of being on the project’s Whitelist by being active on Senshi’s Discord. That will also improve their chances of earning one of the project’s giveaways.

The next phase of the project will be unveiled after the mint. The founders plan to keep growing and changing the NFT space as it is today immediately. They say they will be running many exciting things on their roadmap to benefit all members. As the project grows, they plan to give back to the community as much as possible through more collections and big giveaways. Their goal is to be a long-term, successful project that’s more than the hype surrounding it today and to help new investors get their bearing in the industry.

Blockchain: Ethereum

Marketplace: Own Website

Drop Date: TBA 2022

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