Shogunate NFT – The Samurai Spirit

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Presentation of the art/ idea/ team:


0xArt, 7 experts in their fields, NFT collectors, active on the market for years. Founder members of MeebitsDAO, shilled by the Meebits community (Yugalabs as owners (BAYC/CryptoPunks)), they are also devs of a full yield farming and stacking pool platform, in between other projects.

Project Shogunate:

7777 art, on-chain collection (a rare thing these days…) that will be integrated in a PVP/P2E game. The game will be all about preparing strategies for battles in the Shogunate arena. In addition it will be possible to integrate other collections into the game – this has never been done before! It means that, for example, NFT holders or certain collections will be able to gain coins playing in the Shogunate Arena!

Mint by end of April, time to build some hype!

The purchase of the NFTs will mainly be done through a WL system to avoid gas-war.

Blockchain: Ethereum

Marketplace: TBA

Drop Date: April 2022

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