Team Akeo

Team Akeo is a name to be remembered for the Metaverse.
And we are going to do that by doing a few things…


0 // NFT Backed by

Team Akeo NFT collection is created by - a leading NFT news & insights publisher with 500,000+ monthly views, and focused on becoming the #1 outlet for high quality insights, resources, and interviews in the NFT, Metaverse, and Web3.0 space.

1 // Community-powered creatives studio & project host

Creatives, tech, art, music, fashion, culture, magic. Members will have the exclusive option to pitch, contribute, invest in, and co-build projects. Team Akeo will provide growth support and financial resources.

2 // Establish a decentralized brand for creatives

Metaverse is opening a lot of opportunities for the next digital era. And we are early. Team Akeo is going to lead a community to mark our name on a multitude of spaces. Starting off with a privately designed collection of NFTs.

3 // Selective and strategic partnerships

We are very selective about who we will partner with. Existing brands which align with our vision with a desire to innovate will be invited to join us on our journey. These partnerships will primarily strengthen our position for our mid to long-term goals.


Team Akeo is the disobedient kid who got kicked out of class. We preach the art of defying tradition and going against the flow. By creating and doing new shit, we become trendsetters of the Metaverse. Team Akeo is here to redefine what’s dope – and you’re invited.

We are here to grow the Team Akeo brand into a multitude of spaces. People knowing us is just the start. People wanting us is the real shit. Team Akeo is here to stay.

We are strong believers of strength in numbers. Team Akeo mobilizes the community to build their own projects from ground up. Fashion, art, music, tech, entertainment – building blocks of the Metaverse. Team Akeo aims to provide resources, guides, and voices for community projects.


 What is Team Akeo? 

Team Akeo is an NFT collection privately designed by and inherits all the benefits of YourNFTs VIP members

 What is is a leading NFT news & insights publisher with over 500,000 monthly views. Focused on providing the best insights, resources, and interviews in the NFT, Metaverse and Web3.0 spaces.

 Benefits of being a Team Akeo NFT holder? 

Receive the VIP role and get access to:

  • Priority & exclusive giveaway opportunities provided by YourNFTs' sponsors
  • Exclusive access to our VIP chat
  • Community co-build projects with financial grants and YourNFTs backing
  • Profit sharing from community co-build projects
  • Advertising space on
  • Early access to private & exlcusive YourNFTs content
  • Team Akeo merchandise
  • roadmap

    Artwork Assets  Complete 

    Digital artwork assets for NFT collection ready

    Website Integration  Complete 

    Integration of Team Akeo into

    Socials Profiles  Complete 

    Twitter and Discord profiles secured

    Partnered Giveaways  Ongoing 

    Leveraging parent website to secure partnered giveaways

    Pre-mint Marketing  In Progress 

    Selective collabs with NFT projects

    NFT Mint  Awaiting 

    NFT WL & public mint begins

    DAO Content Lock  Awaiting 

    DAO established & all partnered giveaways and freebies now only exclusive to holders

    NFT News Distributor  Building 

    Automatic distribution of NFT news, insights and guides to all partner project Discords.

    Akeo Podcast + Akeo YT  Building 

    Official launch of Team Akeo podcast + Youtube Channel (Q3/4 2022) - (Q1 2023). DAO members will also receive the opportunity via raffle to guest feature on our up coming podcast and twitter space interviews with projects.

    Merchandise  Exploring 

    Team Akeo's step towards establishing its own visual creatives brand.

    TADP Project  Exploring 

    TADP stands for Team Akeo DAO Projects. Leveraging YourNFTs massive viewer base to kickstart community co-build projects to reward holders. Financial grants will also be provided.


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