The 10 Best NFT Podcasts For NFT Alpha

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It can be difficult to keep up with the latest developments in the NFT arena, regardless of whether you are a veteran or a newcomer. In fact, it is a sector that undergoes radical changes in the blink of an eye. In addition, a number of new projects are being announced every day. Here’s the good news – there are plenty of NFT podcasts that keep you up-to-date on all the latest trends.

These podcasts are not only entertaining but also highly informative. A number of NFT advocates have launched podcasts to help others become familiar with the field. They address everything from the basics to the technology behind digital assets. Have questions about the creation or sale of NFTs? Or perhaps how to earn from NFTs or what to invest in? These topics and more are discussed in the podcast! In addition, podcasts are an excellent medium for learning about the NFT firsthand from industry leaders, NFT influencers, and collectors. 
In the midst of the plethora of NFT podcasts on the market, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best podcasts for NFT alpha (aka Intel)!

1. Two Bored Apes 

One of the most popular NFT podcasts to obtain insights on the most popular NFT projects is Two Bored Apes. In August 2021, the podcast was launched by friends Jaime Musings and Zeneca, known collectively as Jaime Musings and Zeneca. A lot of their time is spent discussing recent developments in the NFT space or hosting Twitter Q&A sessions. This podcast is both entertaining and informative. Each episode is released every few days, with a total of 35 episodes to date. 

Two Bored Apes is one of the hottest NFT podcasts in town. Credits: Two Bored Apes

Zeneca is a popular NFT influencer and advisor, while Jaime is an artist and NFT collector. As it turns out, Zeneca has dropped his own NFT, called “ZenAcademy”, which is a subscription to his private Discord server. Sharing, creating, and building are all part of the mission of this community. He also donated 11.11 ETH on behalf of ZenAcademy to support Ukraine last month. Earlier this year, he launched a NFT course on how to launch an NFT project in order to raise funds for the war-torn Ukraine.

2. Edge Of NFT

In its podcast, the Edge Of NFT explores both the business and human aspects of NFTs. As well as being informative, it provides insight into the technical aspects of the industry. Additionally, co-hosts Eathan Janney, Jeff Kelley, and Josh Kriger interview leading industry figures to gain an in-depth understanding of developments within the NFT landscape. 

They have hosted numerous notable guests, including American DJ Steve Aoki, Splinterlands’ Reich, The Sandbox’s Sébastien Borget, Solana’s Matt Sorg, and many others. “Our primary goal is to support, nourish, and co-create this ecosystem, which we so deeply believe in,” Kriger said last year. So far, the team has produced approximately 120 episodes. 

3. NFT Catcher

The NFT Catcher podcast is produced by the dGEN Network, which is a media company that produces several crypto and NFT podcasts. The podcast is hosted by Jennifer Sutto (or JennyFromTheBlockchain) and Michael Keen. In general, the podcast focuses on “market dynamics” and “turning a profit”. Additionally, they discuss trending news on NFT, the latest project releases, and more.

Jennifer Sutto and Michael Keen are NFT Catcher’s hosts. Credits: NFT Catcher

Additionally, the show has featured a number of guests such as xtremetom from Cool Cats, John Knopf, the award-winning photographer, as well as Voltura.eth, the founder of Psychedelics Anonymous. It is suitable for both NFT veterans and newcomers. 

4. The Nifty Show – The first-ever NFT podcast

A list of NFT podcasts is incomplete without mentioning The Nifty Show, the first NFT podcast in history. Launched in mid-2020, the podcast is hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright. Together, they discuss a range of topics, including cryptocurrencies, collectibles, the blockchain, and more. They discuss a wide range of topics, from Crypto Kitties to NBA Top Shot to Blockchain Heroes. 

The Nifty Show takes the crown as the world’s first NFT podcast. Credits: Nifty Show

Wright and Comm have also conducted interviews with some of the top leaders in the NFT industry, including those from Alien Worlds, Animoca Brands, Cryptokitties, and OpenSea. Currently, Nifty news airs every Tuesday, with nearly 150 episodes aired. They also host a Live Interview Show every Thursday at 5pm Eastern Standard Time.

5. The Mint Condition

Another popular podcast from the dGEN Network is The Mint Condition. The podcast covers the latest news and trends in everything from NFT gaming to virtual worlds and digital art. The NFT podcast is hosted by Chamber, Bunchu, and Dez, and covers market trends, the latest news, new projects, and their personal experiences. Further, they often interview some of the movers and shakers in the field.

Several educational episodes have also been released on topics such as creating NFTs with Ether cards, flipping NFTs, NFT tools, etc. If you are seeking a light-hearted but insightful podcast (with lots of laughter), The Mint Condition is the podcast for you. 

6. NFTs for newbies – An NFT podcast for newbies by newbies 

NFTs for newbies is an ideal course if you are new to the NFT space and do not know where to start. Heather Parady and Rich Cardona, two NFT newbies themselves, host the podcast, which covers all the basics sans technical jargon. The hosts have extensive experience in recording podcasts related to mental health, leadership, and entrepreneurship. 

NFTs for Newbies is perfect for all new to the space! Credits: NFTs for Newbies

Not sure what NFTs are, where to buy/sell them, how to find the best ones, etc.? This podcast will answer all your questions! Additionally, the hosts have introduced several experts in their episodes, including Tempo from Dead Heads NFT, Chris Do from Futur, Yam Karkai and Raphael Malavielle from World of Women, and former major league baseball player Kevin Smith. 

7. Zima Red

The Zima Red podcast features venture capitalist Andrew Steinwold discussing the metaverse, NFTs, blockchain games, and more. There have been over 100 episodes of the podcast thus far, covering topics such as play-to-earn gaming, fractionalizing NFTs, building P2E guilds, and web3 startups, among others.

Steinwold regularly features guests on his podcasts, such as Fractional founder Andy, NFTX founder Alex Gausman, and OG NFT artist Sarah Meyohas. Overall, Zima Red is a great podcast to gain insight into niche NFT topics from the experts in the field. 

8. NFT365 – A daily NFT podcast

NFT365 is a daily NFT podcast intended for both NFT veterans and newcomers alike. The NFT daily podcast appears to be the first of its kind to also buy the NFT daily. The event will be hosted by Brian Fanzo, a digital futurist, keynote speaker, and visionary of the Web3. In addition to providing educational topics, the podcast also discusses the latest news in the field of Web3, metaverse, creator coins, and cryptocurrency trends.

NFT365 is the first-ever daily NFT podcast. Credits: NFT 365

On the NFT365 podcast, you will also find exclusive interviews with some of the foremost figures in the field. Guests who have appeared on the show include Mack Flavelle of Dapper Labs, Matt Szczur of OG NFT, and Lana Hopkins of Some.Place.

9. Overpriced JPEGs

The Overpriced JPEGs podcast is hosted by Carly Reilly. It has a focus on NFTs and the metaverse. In this podcast sponsored by Bankless, creators and founders in the NFT industry are interviewed. Among the guests are the founders of anft42, Rug Radio, and Twitch, Justin Kan. Reilly has also recently introduced a new segment called A Moment of Zen(eca) in which Zeneca discusses new projects, breaking news, and the NFT market in general. 

Overpriced JPEGs is a newcomer in the NFT podcast scene. Credits: Overpriced JPEGs

If you are interested in learning the latest market trends, news, and market recaps, then Overpriced JPEGs is the site to choose. The podcast is described as the “best way to get the latest information on NFT and the metaverse, and to hear from the people shaping our future.”

10. The First Mint

First Mint is a podcast hosted by a team of NFT experts and enthusiasts. Several members of the podcasting team describe themselves as “passionate day-one NFT supporters”. In addition to their expert knowledge, the team offers in-depth analyses of everything from trending NFT topics to collecting NBA Top Shots to NFT taxes, the metaverse, and the NFL.

It is a great choice for NBA Top Shot fans as First Mint has aired several episodes on the popular sports collectible. Additionally, some of the most prominent collectors have participated in several episodes as guests.

Overall, you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to NFT podcasts. We have something for everyone, whether you enjoy light-hearted banter or serious analysis and discussions! Our list is by no means exhaustive, and there are many other podcasts that you may wish to explore. Some of the most popular ones include the NFT talk show by Tori Payne, NonFunGerbils, and the Unchained Podcast by Laura Shin.

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