The Azuki Drama Drags Cool Cats NFT Into Hyped Up Rug Rumors

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Wow. All the activity surrounding the Azuki project this morning has also affected the Cool Cats NFT project. If you have not heard, the Azuki NFT founder, ZAGABOND.ETH, recently admitted to three failed NFT projects before launching Azuki NFT. Despite all this, rumors circulated that the Cool Cats NFT team was the one who forced Zagabond.ETH to admit his past mistakes.

How did the Cool Cats NFT become involved in the Azuki drama?

All began with a Twitter user named @thelvlsix. As reported by @thelvlsix, he heard that the Cool Cats NFT team was attempting to blackmail the Azuki NFT team for vengeance. The rumor was later spread by another Twitter user @0xHustler. People began to believe the gossip on Twitter after words spread like wildfire.

Were Cool Cats behind the rumor?

The allegation against Cool Cats was quite serious. It is, however, not true. To date, we have not been able to confirm whether the Cool Cats NFT team is responsible for the Azuki drama.

However, what are the potential benefits for Cool Cats? There is no doubt that Cool Cats is an established NFT in the space. The lack of solid evidence suggests that this is just another rumor to deceive others regarding their bags. I think we should take the Cool Cats rumor with a grain of salt.

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