The Walking Dead is Launching NFTs to mark the Final Season

AMC’s The Walking Dead is releasing NFTs to accompany the premiering of its final season, 11th out of 16 total. To ensure that the Walking Dead will be in the metaverse until 2020, AMC is rolling out these tokens as part of their multiyear strategy supporting the zombie series that has pulled in over $400 million in sales in merchandise in 2018. However, that includes sales from Funko, licensee for TWD and Mad Max.

The Walking Dead is launching NFTs, consisting of generative art and animation, to mark the final season. Each piece will be sold individually, with prices beginning at $50 and going up to $250.

The Walking Dead is launching NFTs to mark the final season in preparation for the upcoming finale. Orange Comet is achieving this by creating a limited edition NFT “Walker Access Passes” available from February 10th to February 13th.

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Before the premiere of Season 9 this week, The Walking Dead launched new “Near-frictionless tokens,” which allow the community to engage in a high-quality TV series and associated assets. One way they can engage in this environment is by participating in an exciting “flesh biting” experience related to The Walking Dead.

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