There is an upcoming NFT collection by Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht

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The Growth Collection is the newest collection from Ross Ulbricht. Ross, the founder of Silk Road, a darknet marketplace, is currently serving two life sentences without parole plus 40 years for his creation of an online market.

On the 6th and 8th of April, Ross Ulbricht’s NFTs will be auctioned. The bidding will take place over the course of two days. From April 5th, NFTs will be available on the platform. This date is significant since it is the birthday of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. 

It appears that Ross Ulbricht is putting his time to good use by creating art, NFTs, and trying to assist others. Nevertheless, he and others are fighting to reduce his sentence because of the length of the sentence and the fact that this was a first-time offense. Ross is unlikely to be released from prison unless the government permits it. 

Ross Ulbricht’s Growth Collection is helping others

There are four oil paintings in the Ross Ulbricht Growth Collection and one animation consisting of 318 hand-drawn frames. Also included are five related Bitcoin NFTs. For the first few months of the Silk Road, Bitcoin was the only method of payment. In the opinion of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Ross played a significant role in the adoption of blockchain technology.

The collection demonstrates the significance of the Bitcoin community. Additionally, it acknowledges their support throughout his ten years in prison. 

In addition, the money raised from the NFTs benefits children whose parents are imprisoned. Despite being imprisoned himself, Ross Ulbricht is doing his best to help others. In a recent tweet, he said, “From the beginning with this NFT, I’ve wanted to help kids travel to see their moms and dads in prison. But with such high bids, we can now have a real impact on many other important causes as well.”

To learn more about Ross Ulbricht, the creator of these NFTs, please visit the website devoted to his case for freedom. This is Ross’ latest NFT collection, but it will not be the last.

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