To support racial equality, George Floyd’s brother releases a NFT collection  

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Terry Floyd, the brother of George Floyd, who was murdered by a police officer, has launched a collection for racial equality. As part of these NFTs, we will raise funds for charities while highlighting the need for reform. The Flow blockchain includes a total of 9000 NFTs in collaboration with Confront Art.

In addition, these NFTs will commemorate Justice Day on April 15th. They will be available on on the 22nd of April for free

NFT collection by George Floyd continues the fight for racial equality and justice.

George Floyd’s murder in 2020 shocked the world. The fact that he was killed by a police officer underscores the existence of racism in America and around the world. Global protests were held, and it appeared as if real change was imminent.

There has been a slowdown in progress over the past two years, although George Floyd’s brother, Terrence, continues to fight for police reform and justice. With this new collection of NFTs, the fight will continue in George Floyd’s name.

“[Police reform] is changing, but it’s not changing rapidly,” said Terrence. “But it’s changing. Nothing in the physical form will change until you change your mindset.”

As a part of the larger project by Confront Art known as “SEEINJUSTICE”, the NFTs are an extension of it. In this series, you will find sculptures of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, who were both killed by the police in the year 2020. A number of prominent civil rights activists are also depicted in this series of art by Chris Carnabuci, such as the late and great Congressman John Lewis. 

A portion of the funds raised by this NFT project by the brother of George Floyd will be donated to three wonderful charities that advocate for racial equality and justice., the Breonna Taylor Foundation, and the John and Lillian Miles Lewis Foundation.

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