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Volume Rocket is a collection of utility NFTs which provide holders exclusive access to a real time suite of Solana NFT metrics Bots. Built by a team of OG SMBs, it’s safe to say Volume Rocket Devs are by no means inexperienced when it comes to analyzing Solana NFTs.


Volume Rocket was created with one goal in mind: aggregate the most relevant and timely metrics for traders across the entire Solana NFT space, whether they need a broad market overview or a split-second price floor check.

Because the NFT market is so young, there is a lack of real time information that can be used to make unbiased secondary market decisions. Investors are often left groping in the dark or clutching at straws, chasing the latest fad or worse still getting rugged.

We didn’t think this should be the norm – so we set out to change it by creating Volume Rocket.

What sparked our interest

In the beginning, there was something that we realized right away – hardly anyone was investing in NFTs by analyzing collections across all available exchanges. And rightfully so, since a manual analysis of thousands of collections is next to impossible. Where analysis was done, it was on a sub-set which by itself inserted selection bias into the investment decision.

We asked ourselves a few questions – what if there was a way to analyze every available collection in real time and glean the most promising collections using metrics such as volume, price, momentum, persistence, liquidity and macro NFT market health. And what if there was a way to then provide refreshes to all these recommendations every 15 minutes, 24/7 x 365 days a year.

It sounded impossible because of data scarcity, lags and gaps in data streams. To add to these issues was the dissemination conundrum. We are all joined at the hip to discord and going to a website to get your quant NFT alpha seemed sub-optimal.

After analyzing our options, we decided to solve the puzzle through some dev work over the last 3-4 months and as the market grew, we grew with it. From this endeavor Volume Rocket was born with the explicit goal of making the Solana NFT market more efficient for the benefit of all NFT investors and the Solana block chain.

Where we are now

Fast forward to now, we currently have a fast, near real time engine that provides top picks under 2, 5, 10 and over 10 Sol every 15 minutes, a mint calendar and hot mints calendar – both of which refresh every 20 minutes, a feed that uncovers highly liquid hidden gems every 20 minutes and on demand commands that provide real time volume, price, liquidity and momentum snapshots. We also monitor the health of the NFT market though this feature is not yet released.

Sample 1-

The best part – all of this is done within our discord server – we want our server to be your NFT home on Solana; not just for the technology but also for the community which over time ought to grow into one of the more well-informed ones due to the wealth of information they have access to. And it is convenient not having to switch between a website and discord.

How is this accomplished? We have customized discord bots to pipe real time metrics into our server – simple as that. We affectionately refer to our bots as Rover and Rocket (what else would you expect!)

Sample 2 –

Stages of development

Even with multiple bots up and running, we are only in our Beta phase. We keep honing our game and stability of our product offering in full view of our loyal community because we value feedback and are committed to the Web 3 spirit of open development for the greater good.

While the building will never stop, we are well placed to conclude our beta and mint thereafter in the near future.

Sample 3 –

Mint Info

We are a Utility NFT with continuous build and compute requirements to ensure high value to our community in a rapidly evolving tech and dev landscape.

The Volume Rocket collection will be tier-based via access cards and categorized into Golden Rockets and Silver Rockets. It is important to understand that both the Golden and Silver Rocket have their importance in our strategy.

While the Golden Rocket has active picks and pans built in, the Silver Rocket offers fast action plays for the discerning eye using price, volume and other parameters.

Holders will enjoy 24/7/365 real time access to curated, unbiased and objective recommendations for buying and selling, an always up to date hot mints calendar with embedded links and mint color from our analysis team, macro market data (red day/green day), an ME popular predictor, performance tracking for our recommendations and first access to information on our upcoming Galactic Monsterz 1/1 auctions.

Select features are reserved exclusively for Golden Rocket holders but know that the Silver Rocket is the Saturn V of our Rocket series for a reason – it does the heavy lifting for our community and is the backbone of our strategy. The Golden Rocket has access to more bots than the Silver Rocket and is positioned as the premium category product. The Golden Rocket will be priced exactly the same as the Silver Rocket and both categories will have some lifetime passes to provide minters excellent optionality for the mint.

Volume Rocket access will require a surprisingly affordable monthly renewal for members, except for lifetime passes; all of which will be minted at random.

As we move closer to reaching our development and marketing goals, more details will be released regarding mint date, price, and quantity. Be on the lookout for more announcements in the coming weeks!

About the team

Artists: Aqualine and Serafin immersed themselves in 1/1 hand crafted art. They have been working relentlessly to create our amazing series of auction-only Galactic Monsterz.

Our Monsterz #1

Devs: An OG SMB and active member of the Monke Dao community, Tom777 is the Lead Dev and is to thank for creating our awesome bots. He is very knowledgeable in the fields of computer science and statistics. And we have part time analytics and dev support from Shorv#0001, another very active Monke Dao member, and Luski.

Marketing: Over time we’ve steadily grown our marketing team which currently consists of peterpearl, eveebro, Dr. Phil, and hasaki; as well as our Marketing Lead, Krispy, a well-known MonkeDAO community member and Solana enthusiast.

Mods: Our wonderful mods Alibaba and lev_19 provide helpful support in our server and are always happy to answer questions


Our philosophy is to give more to our community than they expect from us and to be consistent, completely committed and long term in our business and community dealings. We are incredibly excited about the Solana Blockchain and the NFT engine within it and cannot wait to share with you everything that we have in store. Come join our server and follow us on twitter!

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