VOX Character Series to be launched by Gala Games

A new collection of VOX Avatars based on the popular TV series The Walking Dead (TWD) has been developed in collaboration with Gala Games. Aside from the unveiling of the pixelated characters, TWD is also announcing the value of the TWD ‘Walker Access Pass’. This will be revealed in the days following the announcement.

On March 28th, TWD VOX Avatars will release, which will include 8,888 variations of the TV series’ characters, each of which will cost a TBA amount of $GALA. There will be a limited amount of choice for purchasers in selecting which of the TWD characters they wish to join them on their metaverse quest. This is because the VOX Avatar’s identity will remain sealed in a box until the reveal on April 7th. There are approximately half of the VOX boxes occupied by Walker VOX, and each one contains various stages of decay.

However, the most robust feature of VOX Avatars will come to light in the upcoming MMORPG survival game, ‘Walking Dead: Empires,’ where they can provide passive bonuses to the owner and his or her companions. There will be varying buffs depending on the rarity and character of the TWD VOX avatar in question. For instance, a Daryl Dixon VOX would provide crossbow combat buffs, whilst a Hershel Greene VOX would improve the chances of crafting high-quality medical items.

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