World Of Women NFT Secures 84 ETH for Charity

World of Women is flawlessly executing an effective charity NFT drop! The highest-selling women-led NFT collectible project worldwide and non-profit organization Code Green launched the WOMEN & CLIMATE project this past spring. With contributions from 84 ETH (approximately $262,000), this has been one of World of Women’s most successful charities.

World of Women Charity Drop

World of Women Foundation secured 84 ETH for charity at their digital NFT auction. True to its cause, the WOMEN & CLIMATE exhibition featured the work of 12 talented artists and aims to increase women’s capacity to tackle the climate crisis through art platforms. This initiative is two influential women ambassadors – Yam Karkai and Inna Modja who have committed fully to this NFT.

World of Women has raised 84 ETH in a token sale to divide to different grassroots networks equally. These grassroots networks focus on women’s empowerment and climate change-focused solutions for problems in Africa. Artists have donated 70% of the proceeds to this cause, with approximately 49 ETH supporting African-led initiatives.

If you’re looking for an excellent cause to support, then you can get involved with this project on SuperRare that was launched on the margins of the World Economic Forum. The charitable drop has four remaining items available to buy. Still, they are already more than halfway met in their goal of raising an additional 34 ETH to support environmental protection projects.

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